1 Jan 2019 Highlights

Consider a well-deserved break

Caring for a loved one at home is a special and beautiful thing to do. It gives us the opportunity to care for those who need extra assistance, and in many cases allows us to repay in some measure the kindness we received from them.

Sometimes, however, caring for a loved one day in and day out can become overwhelming even for the most dedicated caregiver. That’s when a Respite Program can be a perfect solution.

All Skilled Nursing centers in the Ocean Healthcare Network offer a Respite Care Program, allowing family members or caregivers the opportunity for a well-deserved break. Caregivers can enjoy peace of mind knowing their loved one is under the care and supervision of professionals in a warm and caring environment. The Respite Care Program provides a full range of services as needed, including skilled nursing care, rehabilitative therapy, medical, and support services, as well as medication administration, recreational, and nutritional services.