Ocean Healthcare is built on a vision: to provide a broad range of premium healthcare services in a caring, homelike environment.

It takes the coordinated management efforts of a diverse team in order to turn this vision into a reality. With years of experience, Ocean Healthcare has systemized and perfected the administration and management of our associated facilities. From rehabilitative care to food services, from housekeeping to guest services coordination, Ocean Healthcare has set an industry standard that others look to emulate.


Ocean Healthcare is a multi-faceted management entity that oversees a broad range of operational areas for the thirteen long-term care facilities, two acute psychiatric care hospitals, home health care services, Medicare-certified home health care, hospice services, an assisted living community, and two adult day care centers that participate as a network. The key to these facilities’ success is the oversight of this team of experts that was carefully cultivated over many years. Thus, each individual entity can benefit from our corporate MDS coordinator, our corporate dietitian, corporate nurse, and corporate director of marketing, as well as a dozen other specialists.

It should be noted that the Ocean team is largely comprised of individual talent that was culled from the ranks of these facilities. They enjoy the distinct advantage of familiarity with the company’s management style, in contrast to an outside firm. Were it not for the Ocean Healthcare, each facility would need to outsource all of these services, at a considerably greater cost with less effective results.